In Joomla, "articles" typically refer to the content of any page on the website.  "Menu items" are the links that tell Joomla to display an article, creating a page on your website.  This tutorial is for experienced back-end users of Joomla, and is does not refer to adding news articles, which are added through the "EasyBlog" interface.

To create a new article in Joomla 3.0:

  1. Log into your Joomla 3.0 dashboard
  2. From here, you have two options:

    Option 1 - use QUICK ICONS Option 2 - Use the top menu
    In the right menu under QUICK ICONS, click Add New Article.
    In the top menu, click Content and then click Article Manager. Then, click New in the top left.
  3. On the article editor page, enter a Title for your article and choose a Category next to that. Then, enter the content for your article beneath. Refer to our screenshot below:
  4. When finished writing your article, click the Save button in the top left menu. You should receive the following message:

    Article successfully saved

Remember - an article without a Menu Item linking to it is an Orphan!  You must create a menu item to display your article.