This tutorial demonstrates how to add or update a link to a PDF file from within a Joomla article. 

Tip: Joomla's built-in content editor is fairly basic. We highly recommend JCE Editor and this tutorial assumes you are using it (if you have a Digital Bloom website, you will already have this installed.) A separate tutorial will demonstrate how to install JCE.

Step 1 - Create or Edit a Joomla Article

First, either create a new article or edit an existing article.

Step 2 - Select Text or Image

Select the text or image that users should click on.

Select text for linking

Add a link to an image

If the text or link already links to a PDF file, you should now remove the outdated link by clicking the Unlink icon. Then select the text or image again, just as you did above.

Unlink icon

Step 3 - Click on the Link Icon

Click the Link icon to launch the Link Manager.

Link icon

Step 4 - Click the Browse Icon

The Link Manager will open in a pop-up "modal" window. Click the Browse icon.

Click the browse icon

Step 5 - Click the Upload Icon

Another pop-up window, the File Browser, will open. Click the Upload icon.

Click the Upload icon

Step 6 - Upload the PDF File

You may now either (a) drag & drop the PDF file into the upload area, or (b) click Browse and select the file on your PC. Then click Upload.

Upload the PDF File

Step 7 - Click Insert

The upload pop-up will close automatically once the upload is complete and you will then see the File Browser, this time showing your newly uploaded PDF file in bold. Click on the filename and then click Insert.

Insert PDF file

Step 8 - Insert the Link

If you would like the link to open in the same browser tab or window, simply click Insert. If you would prefer that the link opens into a new browser tab or window, first select Open in new window from in the Target dropdown and then click Insert. 

Insert the  link

Step 9 - Save

Finally, save your work. Click Save & Close if you are finished with the article, or Save if you wish to continue editing the article.

Save your Joomla article