EasyBlog 3.5 makes adding news articles (AKA "blog posts") to your website, well, easy

Tip: This tutorial assumes you or your webmaster have already installed EasyBlog 3.5. For more information on EasyBlog, see the official EasyBlog website.


Log in to your Joomla Administration area. You will usually find your Admin area by adding /administrator to your domain name - for example,  www.yourdomain.com/administrator .

Log In


Using the main menu, go to Components > EasyBlog > Blogs.

Navigate to EasyBlog 3.5


In the upper-left corner, click Add

Create a New Blog Post


Add a title to your blog post. Then use the editor window to write your article. The editor's icons are very similar to those in Microsoft Word (bold, italics, center etc.)

Add a title and text

http://www.digitalbloom.ca/media/jbtype/images/coquette/light_bulb.png) !important; background-color: rgb(212, 255, 212) !important; background-position: 0% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat !important;">Tip: Remove FormattingTip: Copying and pasting text from another program (such as Word) will often result in text that is formatted differently from the rest of your site. For best results, after pasting text from another program, select the text and click the Remove Formatting icon.


If your blog most is more than a paragraph or so, it's best to insert a "read more" division which will only display some introductory text while hiding the remaining text on overview pages (such as on "Latest Blog Post" pages.)


To do so, simply click with your mouse in the area you'd like to insert the break (such as at the end of the first paragraph) and click the Read More button beneath the editor window.



Select a category for your blog post. You may also select a Publish Date and/or anUnpublish Date if you would like your blog post to delay publishing your blog post or have the system automatically remove it on a certain date. Unless otherwise directed by your webmaster, leave the remaining publishing options alone.



Whenever possible, it's wise to include an image with a blog post. To select one, click on Blog Image to reveal the image options and click Select Blog Image

Add an Image

If you have previously uploaded photos to the server, they will then display. If you don't see one you wish to use, click Upload images to transfer a new image to the server. 

Upload an Image

Click on the thumbnail of the image you would like and then click Select Blog Image.



Finally, save your blog post. 

save-close copy